Operating Pinball Machines in Metro Detroit

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Leagues and Tournaments

Galaxy Pinball offers pinball leagues and tournaments at some of its locations during the course of the year.  These events act as a promotion for the location and offer a fun experience for participants.

Pinball Leagues - Our pinball leagues are kept low key and offer a fun way to learn how to play the game in a relaxed friendly environment.  Leagues traditionally run for five weeks with teams of four people and offer prizes to participants throughout the event.  During leagues, participants do entertaining team building exercises for extra points on their team’s final score.  The final week results in the winning team being crowned as the champion of the league. 

Pinball Tournaments – Our pinball tournaments are typically more completive then our leagues and usually are a one day events.  Tournaments offer prizes to participants and allow participants to show off their skills.  The pinball tournaments are run much like a dart tournament where there is a single and double elimination.