Operating Pinball Machines in Metro Detroit

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Pinball at your Location

Vintage pinball machines and classic video arcade games attract a certain clientele of customers to your location.  The machines work incredibly well with microbreweries and craft beer bars with a concept, developed in the Chicago and Grand Rapids area, which is a mixture of craft beer and classic arcade games.   The pinball machines give your patrons something to do while they wait for a seat or gives them a reason to stay longer and spend more money on additional drinks or food.  Most big game operators will be apprehensive or flat out refuse to put pinball machines in your location due to the maintenance they require in order to function properly.  Our locations get their own Facebook page that advertises when you have special events and when new games are rotated into your location.  With growing competition, these games give your location a distinct atmosphere that differentiate you from your competitors. 

If you’re interested in having pinball machines or classic video arcade games at your location, please contact us at or call/text us at 586 596 9078.