Operating Pinball Machines in Metro Detroit

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The Pinball Arcades

Pinball Arcade at One-Eyed Betty’s

Ferndale, Mich

One-Eyed Betty’s is a unique restaurant and craft beer establishment located in a downtown district.  Their food has won many awards and they offer brunch on the weekends.  One-Eyed Betty’s offers five pinball machines that are rotated on a regular basis and three classic arcade games.  Due to the popularity of this place, it’s recommended to visit this place during non-peak hours.

​One-Eyed Betty's has five pinball machines and three arcade games.

Sparks Pinball Museum at Premier Lanes

Chesterfield, Mich

Premier Complex and Bowling Alley is located on 23 Mile Rd and has 34 bowling lanes and offers open bowling and cosmic bowling.  Sparks has a large section of arcade machines from Galaxy Pinball that includes over 40 pinball machines.  Each machine has a sign that tells the history of the game.